About Me


I am a Peruvian geographer/data scientist enrolled in the fantastic Erasmus+ Copernicus Master in Digital Earth program. I work on global EO problems and try to solve them using GEE/Python/R (and somethimes a bit of C++). In my spare time, I teach coding to anyone who needs it and collaborate on a variety of open-source projects. If you want to learn more about me, please see my cv.

Research Interest

  • Cloud detection
  • Atmospheric correction
  • Data cubes
  • Probabilistic programming
  • Machine learning
  • Publications

    In chronological order:

    1. Huerta A., Aybar C., Imfeld N., Correa K., Felipe-Obando O., and Lavado-Casimiro W. An updated high-resolution gridded dataset of daily air temperature for Peru, PISCOt. In preparation.
    2. Montero D., Aybar C., Mahecha M., Wienek S. spectral: Awesome Spectral Indices deployed via the Google Earth Engine JavaScript API. Submitted.
    3. Montero D., Aybar C., Mahecha M., Martinuzzi F., Söchting M., Wienek S. Awesome Spectral Indices: an open-source ecosystem for handling spectral indices in Earth Systems research. Submitted.
    4. Aybar, C., Ysuhuaylas L., Loja J., Gonzales K., Herrera F., Bautista L., Yali R., Flores A., Diaz L. Cuenca N., Prudencio F., LLactayo V., Montero D., Sudmanns M., Tiede D., Mateo-García G., Gómez-Chova L. CloudSEN12 - a global dataset for semantic understanding of cloud and cloud shadow in satellite imagery. In preparation.
    5. Fernandez-Palomino, C.A., Hattermann, F.F., Krysanova, V., Lobanova, A., Vega-Jácome, F., Lavado, W., Santini, W., Aybar, C. and Bronstert, A., 2022. A Novel High-Resolution Gridded Precipitation Dataset for Peruvian and Ecuadorian Watersheds: Development and Hydrological Evaluation. Journal of Hydrometeorology, 23(3), pp.309-336.
    6. Aybar, C., Wu, Q., Bautista, L., Yali, R., & Barja, A. (2020). rgee: An R package for interacting with Google Earth Engine. Journal of Open Source Software, 5(51), 2272.
    7. Aybar, C., Fernández, C., Huerta, A., Lavado, W., Vega, F. and Felipe-Obando, O., 2020. Construction of a high-resolution gridded rainfall dataset for Peru from 1981 to the present day. Hydrological Sciences Journal, 65(5), pp.770-785.
    8. Andrade, M.F., Moreno, I., Calle, J.M., Ticona, L., Blacutt, L., Lavado-Casimiro, W., Sabino, E., Huerta, A., Aybar, C., Hunziker, S. and Brönnimann, S., 2018. Atlas-Clima y eventos extremos del Altiplano Central perú-boliviano.